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Building a wireless network is a great start. Optimizing that network is the next best step.

Occulor keeps an eye on your solution with proactive monitoring, maintenance, and system upgrades.

Check out Occulor and the value of true end to end monitoring.

Monitoring & Maintenance Services

Receive customized monitoring and maintenance service to ensure that your system maintains optimal performance:

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Around-the-Clock Monitoring

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Emergency Dispatch and Repair

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Onsite Support

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Firmware Upgrade

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Alarm Trending Analysis

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Initial Alarm Diagnosis

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Performance Reporting

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Full Turn Key Preventative Maintenance

Unique Solutions for Unique Challenges

RK Squared approaches each unique client, project, and challenge with an open mind. Our agnostic approach to design, equipment, and network selection allows RK Squared to solve connectivity challenges efficiently, cost effectively and completely. Solutions and partners we have worked with to achieve the highest standards of customer satisfaction are:

Added Value End to End

Unique solutions require flexibility and creativity. RK Squared provides the necessary services and support to ensure complete satisfaction. Our additional services include:

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System Configuration

server rack

Document Database

smartphone & iot device

Remote Alarming

planning book and coffee


Every site requires a unique set of services, which is why we offer these comprehensive solutions beyond the deployment stage.


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